Why aviation matters


Why aviation matters blog series – The importance of air cargo by Zoe McLernon, Policy Manager at Logistics UK

Air freight is vital to the UK economy, contributing £7.2billion each year and supporting more than 151,000 jobs. The sector is extremely complex with both imports and exports that must be delivered safely, timely and economically. In this article, Zoe McLernon, Logistics UK’s Multimodal Policy Manager, explores the UK’s air freight industry and assesses its […]

November 5th, 2020

Why aviation matters blog series – The CBI’s Director of Infrastructure and Energy Tom Thackray on how aviation connects British business with the world

The aviation sector is vital to the wider UK economy and its recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic. As well as employing hundreds of thousands of staff, driving investment in cutting-edge technology, and underpinning vast domestic supply chains, UK aviation matters because it connects Britain with the world and links British products, experiences and expertise with […]

November 5th, 2020