Airlines UK responds to the Air Departure Tax Bill being passed by the Scottish Parliament

June 20th, 2017

Responding to the passing of the final stage and approval of the Air Departure Tax (ADT) Bill in the Scottish Parliament today, a spokesperson for Airlines UK, the industry body that represents UK airlines, said:

“The Air Departure Tax Bill has now passed its final hurdle in the Scottish Parliament. From next year, Scotland will have its own tax regime for passengers flying from Scottish airports. We await the details of the ADT banding and rates, which are due later this year, with keen interest.

“At a time when competitor nations are busy reducing or abolishing their own versions of the Air Departure Tax – including Ireland, which has seen a surge in new routes and passengers since it took action to make its airports more competitive – it will make little sense for Scotland to put itself at a disadvantage by continuing to levy sky-high taxes on aviation.

“The airline sector has been clear that taking action on ADT will make a big difference to businesses and families – and provide a welcome boost to the Scottish tourism industry. Our members would see Scotland – a key market for them already – as an even more attractive destination to add capacity and put on new routes. Importantly, this could also be done in a way that is environmentally sustainable – thanks to the huge and continuing investment airlines are making in cleaner, quieter aircraft and the ambitious carbon reduction targets the industry – encompassing airlines, airports, manufacturers and others – has signed up to.”​