Airlines UK response to Brexit transitional agreement announcement

March 20th, 2018

Responding to the announcement that political agreement on a transitional agreement between the UK and EU has been reached, Tim Alderslade, Chief Executive of Airlines UK, the industry association that represents UK-registered carriers, said:

“UK airlines have long called for a transitional arrangement that will give much needed clarity to the industry and ensure that market access to, from and within the EU – as well as to third countries such as the United States – is protected. We welcome the political agreement that has been reached by both sides – which is a substantial achievement compared to where we were a year ago – and look forward to legal clarity being provided as soon as possible and further details made available as to exactly how our relationship with and participation within the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will play out.

“Subsequently, we would urge both sides to begin work as soon as possible on securing a comprehensive UK-EU aviation agreement that ensures the continuation of services beyond December 2020 and – like other air services agreements – can be split off and negotiated separately from the main trade deal, and agreed well in advance of the end of the transitional period.”