Airlines UK statement on air services between the UK and US

March 6th, 2018

Responding to recent press speculation about air services between the UK and US following Brexit, Tim Alderslade, Chief Executive of Airlines UK, the association that represents UK-registered carriers, said:

“UK airlines fully expect that the UK and US Governments will sign an open and liberal agreement – including on ownership and control – that will allow UK carriers to continue to serve the US following our departure from the EU.  

“Separately, airlines will continue to support Ministers in reaching a deal with the EU that is in everyone’s interest – providing for open competition between carriers and as liberal ownership and control rules as possible. As the Chancellor set out yesterday we also want to see an agreement on the implementation phase agreed as early as possible and ideally at the March Council. It is essential that clarity can be provided to both consumers and airlines through to at least December 2020. Subsequently, agreement is vital on a comprehensive EU-UK aviation agreement that protects market access to, from and within the EU and – like other air services agreements – can be split off from the main trade deal. Further clarity from the Government on its negotiating stance – over and above the extremely positive statement made last week by the Prime Minister on the UK wishing to remain a member of the European Aviation Safety Agency and wanting a continuation of air services – would be welcome also.”