BATA responds to Government statement on airport expansion in the South East

December 10th, 2015

Responding to the Government statement on airport expansion in the South East, Nathan Stower, Chief Executive of the British Air Transport Association, which represents UK registered airlines, said:

“We understand the need for a robust assessment of the Airports Commission’s final report, but it is extremely disappointing that the Government has failed to make a decision today. The UK cannot continue to put off this difficult but vital decision while our international competitors forge ahead.

“The independent Airports Commission spent over two and a half years and up to £20 million looking at the question of expanding aviation capacity in the UK. They produced a detailed and comprehensive final report which reached a clear and unanimous conclusion in favour of Heathrow expansion. The report was supported by a significant volume of expert technical evidence and analysis. Our members do not support expansion at any price, but agree with the principal recommendation that an additional runway at Heathrow offers greater potential economic and social benefits than expansion at Gatwick.

“Airport developments are not funded by taxpayers. Expansion at Heathrow has to be affordable for the travelling public and cargo customers who will end up paying for it. We believe Heathrow’s scheme leaves scope for significant cost reductions.”




Thursday 10 December