BATA responds to ICAO announcement that an agreement has been reached on a global carbon offsetting scheme for aviation

October 6th, 2016

Responding to the announcement that an agreement has been reached at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) on a global carbon offsetting scheme for aviation, Tim Alderslade, Chief Executive of the British Air Transport Association (BATA), the trade body for UK airlines, said:

“The scheme agreed at ICAO will play a pivotal role in enabling UK aviation to meet its goal of achieving carbon neutral growth from 2020 whilst halving net emissions by 2050. It should not be forgotten that we are the only industry that has voluntarily agreed to such a commitment, where we are making great progress in achieving our target. 

UK airlines have invested in more than 470 new aircraft since 2005, at a cost of over $50 billion, helping the industry to reduce its carbon emissions by 20 million tonnes. A further 350 aircraft are on order, that are due to enter into service in the coming years. Overall we are exceeding the industry target for improving our performance on carbon reduction, with an increase in fuel efficiency of over 11% since 2008. 

This global deal – which has attracted the support of 65 countries and is expected to cover over 84% of international aviation emissions growth over its lifetime to 2035 – will complement this effort and enable aviation growth to continue – with all the associated economic and social advantages – whilst ensuring that emissions are reduced. As a sector we really have decoupled growth in aviation from growth in emissions – this is an exciting development for all those who want to see this industry prosper.”