BATA response to further delay on decision about airport capacity

June 30th, 2016

Responding to the Government’s decision to further delay a decision about airport expansion, Tim Alderslade, Chief Executive of the British Air Transport Association (BATA), which represents UK registered airlines, said:

“Before the referendum last week the Government was gearing up to set out where it stood on airport expansion, probably in a matter of weeks. We see no reason why this still should not take place. The Airports Commission was unanimous that we do need to see additional capacity in the South East if we are to maintain our position as an international aviation hub. Nothing that has happened in the past week has altered that fact.

“Indeed, the referendum result means there is now an even more vital role for UK aviation and need for the country to have improved transport links with the rest of the world. A speedy decision on airport capacity would not only send a clear and positive signal that the UK is still in business, but will help lay the foundations for economic growth at a time when the country needs it most.

“It will now be a priority for the new Prime Minister and Government to put all other considerations aside and make this crucial decision in the long-term national interest and as soon as possible. The country simply cannot afford yet more delay.”




30 June 2016