BATA Response to Transport Select Committee Report into Airport Winter Weather Failings

May 12th, 2011

BATA Responds to Transport Select Committee Report on Airport Winter Weather Failings

Responding to the Transport Select Committee’s report into the impact on transport of the weather last winter, Simon Buck, Chief Executive of the British Air Transport Association, which represents UK airlines, said:

“We welcome the thrust of the report and hope that it will help in the process of ensuring that passengers and airlines do not suffer a similar experience in the future. Last December BAA failed in its operations at Heathrow on many counts and we sincerely hope that lessons have been learned and acted upon. Passenger safety, security and welfare are top priorities for BATA airlines and I am sure that they will continue to engage constructively with BAA and others to meet passenger needs and allow a properly functioning air transport system.

We do however query the Committee’s call on the Government to allow airport operators to reclaim the cost of looking after passengers when there is no equivalent right of redress for airlines when airport operators so obviously fail in keeping their airports open.

It is worth also remembering that airports and airlines can only continue to function if roads and rail links to them are open and that therefore there is a wider responsibility amongst local and central government, agencies and transport providers.”