Budget 2012 – BATA Comment

March 21st, 2012

BATA has commented on today’s Budget statement, which confirmed increases in Air Passenger Duty from April 1st and also set out the rises due to take effect from April 2013.

BATA Reaction to Budget

Commenting on today’s Budget, Simon Buck, Chief Executive of the British Air Transport Association said:

“I offer only two cheers for the Government following the Budget. The Chancellor makes some promising noises on addressing the lack of airport capacity in the South East but if aviation is to play its part in driving an export led recovery we need a proper aviation policy for the whole of the UK now and not yet more consultation. The UK is losing business now and missing out on developing international links with growing world economies. It is simply not good enough to be fobbed off by the prospect of an expensive new airport in a remote part of the Thames Estuary where nobody lives in twenty years time. By then, it will be too late.

The Chancellor also confirms that the world’s highest taxes on flying will get even higher from 1st April this year when UK Air Passenger Duty increases by a whopping 8%. Next year it is set to rise again by a further £2 and £4 per passenger. These level of increases cannot be sustained and make it more expensive for British families to go on a sunshine holiday and for overseas tourists to visit Britain. This lack of joined up thinking must be addressed and we urge the Government to undertake an independent study of the damage the tax is doing to the UK economy.”