“Clegg’s Speech Misjudges Public Attitude to Aviation Taxes”

January 26th, 2012

Simon Buck, Chief Executive of BATA has commented on the speech given today by the Deputy Prime Minister which was on the subject of tax.

BATA: “Clegg’s Speech Misjudges Public Attitude to Aviation Taxes”

Commenting on the Deputy Prime Minister’s speech to the Resolution Foundation on cutting taxation, Simon Buck, Chief Executive of the British Air Transport Association, said:

“It’s all very well for Nick Clegg to talk about cutting tax for the poor and looking at ways to make the tax system “more green” but his aspirations do not square with the Government’s actions and its own findings on public attitudes. For example, this Government is choosing to make an annual sunshine holiday less affordable for many hard pressed families by imposing the highest taxes on flying in the world and will increase the tax even further from 1st April. Bizarrely, the Deputy PM’s remarks are made on the same day as the Government publishes its own survey, showing that most people are opposed to “push” measures that would affect them financially such as higher taxes aimed at discouraging air travel. If there were annual awards for lacking in joined up thinking, this Government would win hands down.”