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Statement on disruptive passenger incidents

March 2nd, 2016

The vast majority of passengers reach their destination having had a safe and enjoyable journey.

While disruptive behaviour remains rare, incidents can have a big impact – on fellow passengers, on employees, and on the disruptive passengers themselves. The results can be nuisance and annoyance at one end of the scale, to threats to passenger, crew and aircraft safety at the other.

Airline data suggests that excessive and uncontrolled alcohol consumption is a common cause of incidents, but it is not the only factor. Whatever the reason, everyone should understand that it is an offence to be abusive, threatening, insulting or disorderly towards aircraft crew. It is also illegal to board an aircraft whilst drunk or to be drunk whilst on an aircraft. The worst cases have resulted in fines and custodial sentences.

Our member airlines take a zero-tolerance approach to this issue and there are many examples of individual and collective cross-industry good practice. BATA is working with its members and partner organisations across the industry to deliver further practical measures to provide a consistent and robust response to this problem.



2 March 2016