European Court Ruling on ETS – BATA Response

December 21st, 2011

BATA has responded to the EU Court of Justice ruling today (21st December) on the legality of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme as it applies to aviation.

BATA Response to Court of Justice Ruling on Emissions Trading Scheme

Commenting on the ruling today by the Court of Justice of the EU about the legality of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Simon Buck, Chief of Executive of the British Air Transport Association (BATA) said:

“UK airlines have consistently supported the introduction of EU ETS as the first step in the development of a global emissions trading scheme. However the world’s politicians have failed to agree to such a global system. BATA notes the decision of the Court of Justice but remains concerned at the growing signs that including aviation in the EU ETS could lead to a damaging trade war that is in no one’s interests. We look to the UK Government to ensure that UK airlines are not subject to retaliatory actions from States that are opposed to the inclusion of aviation within the EU ETS.”