Latest CAA disruptive passenger data shows the need for airside licensing

August 15th, 2018

Commenting on the publication of the latest Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) data on disruptive passengers, which show the CAA has already received more than 200 incident reports about disruptive passengers from UK airlines in 2018, Tim Alderslade, Chief Executive of Airlines UK, said:

“Although incidents of disruptive behaviour are rare, where they do happen the consequences can be serious. As these stats demonstrate, the problem has increased substantially over the past 5 years. We’ve been working closely with Government and the CAA, as well as other industry stakeholders, to tackle this problem, however this worrying trend of increased incidents shows that more can be done.

“As airline data shows around half of cases involve alcohol, airlines believe that the current exemption for airports from the Licensing Act should be removed so whilst passengers can still enjoy a drink to start their holiday, airport outlets would be subject to the same licensing requirements as bars, pubs and other outlets selling alcohol in towns and cities across the country, as well as landside at airports.”