Publication of DfT ‘Aviation Policy Framework’ – BATA Response

March 25th, 2013

BATA has responded to the publication of  the ‘Aviation Policy Framework’ by the Department for Transport.

BATA Comment on Publication of Aviation Policy Framework

Commenting on the publication of the ‘Aviation Policy Framework’, Simon Buck, Chief Executive of the British Air Transport Association (BATA), said:

“The ‘Aviation Policy Framework’ marks the Coalition Government’s recognition that it is vital that the UK needs to have a proper aviation policy. As yet it does not. As the Chancellor acknowledged in his Budget Speech on Wednesday, the UK’s economy needs to compete in both established and emerging markets. This requires excellent aviation connectivity right across the country, ensuring the UK has both vibrant point to point airports and sufficient world class hub capacity. This means prioritising a favourable planning and regulatory regime and developing a bold aviation policy, providing for new airport capacity where it is required. To ensure there is no further erosion of the UK’s competitive position, the Government must set a clear commitment to such measures being put in place, as part of a new aviation policy.

“Having devolved the tricky decisions to Sir Howard Davies, his Airports Commission needs to take an holistic approach and consider wider issues, such as more competitive visa and tax regimes, efficient border operations and general airport connectivity as the quick wins on capacity have all been achieved. The Commission should not just be considering where and if to pour concrete.”