Reaction to Final Proposals from CAA on Airport Charges at Heathrow and Gatwick

October 3rd, 2013

Simon Buck, Chief Executive of the British Air Transport Association (BATA), said:

“Airlines are deeply frustrated and disappointed with the final proposals for consultation on airport charges published by the CAA today. 

“BATA supports improving the passenger experience and we believe this can be done without a repeat of the incredibly steep price rises we have seen in airport charges in the last few years. Prices at Heathrow are triple the level they were ten years ago and we believe there should be a real terms reduction in charges applied to each passenger at this airport for the next five year period instead of a further hike as proposed today.  At Gatwick, an increase in prices will not be in the passenger interest and will fail to offer value for money while at the same time ignoring evidence for lowering prices.

“The CAA must use the final consultation period to review and rectify its decision and properly fulfil its duty to the consumer.”