View from the Chief Executive – February 2013

February 28th, 2013

Early Morning FlightI am delighted to welcome RVL Group as a new BATA member and Avtrade Ltd as a BATA Associate Member. I am also pleased to report that the BATA Dinner held on 30th January was the best attended and probably the most successful annual dinner we have had in the thirteen years we have held this annual event. Similarly, our Night Flying Summit held in the preceding week was attended by a wide range of stakeholders and helped highlight the case for night flights from a group far wider than airlines alone.

The airline industry faces many regulatory challenges – as well as economic – as we emerge from what seems to have been a long and miserable winter. In the face of these challenges, the entire aviation industry is stronger if it speaks with one voice as much as possible offering a clear and consistent message. BATA is increasingly respected as the voice of the UK airline industry and with the supoort of members, the executive team and I look forward to continuing to deliver added value in the many areas in which we are involved which are of critical importance to the future viability of the industry.